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Host a Retire Joe Knollenberg Party this Summer and Save the World!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sat, 04/21/2007 - 10:32

Now that the weather is warming up it's time to plan your own backyard party! Consider hosting a Retire Joe Knollenberg Party! It's easy, fun, and will help rid the world of one of the most radical right extremists in Congress.

Joe Knollenberg is one of the most two faced politicians in the Congress right now. He's voted with Bush 97% of the time. He has voted against things that his district favors like NPR and PBS. He's been the worst in environment history and he's taken gifts from lobbyists to go to Hawaii with his wife.

Now Joe wants you to think he's a good guy by posting that he just put enviro friendly bulbs in his office, opposes cafe standards in order to save the MI auto industry. He even wants you to think he is representing you!

It's time for Joe to go. He should have stuck to the Contract he signed with America OVER 12 years ago which said that he would pledge to only stay in office 12 years. He like many other Newt Gingrich Republicans knew that your memory would be short.

So, this summer we're asking you to through a party to retire Joe. Just host a party, invite the people, and ask for a donation to our cause.

Go to and click on HOST A PARTY GRAPHIC. IF you need help feel free to email Bruce F at

Let's have some fun and support the opponent to Joe Knollenberg - whomever that might be!

Thanks for helping Address the Michigan Trash Issue!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sat, 04/21/2007 - 10:19

In a message to Clean Water Action members 4/19/2007:

Thank you! More than 19,000 of you wrote letters to your elected lawmakers in Lansing, and this week they acted boldly to curb out-of-state trash and boost recycling in Michigan. The Democratically-controlled Michigan state House of Representatives Tuesday approved a measure to raise Michigan's below-market waste dumping charges and earmarked funds for recycling. This is the single most significant step forward that the state of Michigan has taken in many years in addressing the problem of mounting Canadian and out-of-state trash being dumped in our state.

Another major development this week was sign-off by the state House Committee on Great Lakes and the Environment on a moratorium on landfill expansion. It has been clear for a long time that the best way to curb out-of-state waste is to deal with the economics of trash.

As long as Michigan is a cheap place to dump trash with unlimited landfill space, we will be the region's dumping grounds. Now the state Senate will have an opportunity to act on the dumping charge proposal, which would raise landfill fees charged to waste haulers from .21 cents to $7.50 a ton—a rate closer to that charged by surrounding Great Lakes states.

Happy Blue New Year!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Tue, 01/02/2007 - 11:00

Happy New Year to all! Thank you for all the hard work you did to further our progress in 2006 toward the goals of taking back our country and taking back our party!

A special thanks to all who planned and attended the Peace Vigils on Dec 31, 2006 (Jeanne K and the MECAWI group at the Spirit of Detroit) and Jan 1, 2007 (Pointes for Peace Group in Grosse Pointe) We've lost over 3000 of our own and many thousands more of our world neighbors in Iraq. As we hope and pray each year on Jan 1st. May this year be the year we bring Peace on Earth! We hope you'll help out the process somehow, some way!

Happy 2007! We have so much more to do!

Steering Committee Jim


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