Custom Essay Writing Tips

Writing a custom essay is not about magic it’s all about making conscious choices throughout the research process step-by-step in other words. A great custom essay just doesn’t happen, you have to make it happen an essay consists of many parts all equally important in this film we’ll take a look at five important aspects and give you some advice on how to develop your custom essay writing skills.

A relevant question captures a research problem and fills a gap in previous research in order for your custom essay to make a contribution you need to read what has already been done in your field you have to come up with an open-ended research question that question will influence all the other parts of your essay from case selection to conclusions an open-ended question differs from a thesis driven question if you know the answer already and the question drives the research in a predetermined direction it’s a thesis driven question. If you don’t know the answer and the question can lead to many different conclusions it’s an open-ended question to what extent has the securitization of drugs reduced individual security to what extent has the securitization of drugs affected individual security.

Ask yourself this is then a puzzle that needs to be solved in my feet. An example imposing sanctions on a state is supposed to undermine the regime but in some cases we can observe increased support for the regime how come a theoretical framework is crucial to an academic essay without it your essay will become nothing but a compilation of information and you’ll run the risk of drowning in empirical data.

A theory gives you a certain perspective and helps you to focus on the relevant parts of the research material different theories offer different approaches to study your question in order to find a relevant and interesting theoretical framework to your question ask yourself what is this a case of here’s an example what impact have the recent military reforms had on military professionalism in China.

This question can be seen as for example a case of organizational studies or a case of professionalization of the officer corps as a result the first study would be a Public Administration study on organizational changes and the other a sociological study on the military officer profession.

A good custom essay is analytical not descriptive an analytical essay does not just state facts but explain something shows how something works to simply report and describe your data is not enough you need to analyze it introduced the concept of variation one way is to make comparisons why do local conflicts turn violent in some regions but not in others or to look at time driven variations how has the view on migration within the European Union changed over the past 20 years the basis of any academic work is to apply critical thinking but don’t confuse it with being opinionated.

If your arguments rests solely on opinions and feelings and cannot be backed up by academic theories or facts they don’t belong in an essay critical thinking on the other hand is research-based and rational in an academic essay you argue your point by scrutinizing both your own and other people’s theories identify and question your own and others assumptions are there any possible alternative explanations to my findings

What are they question arguments in the literature are they valid are they coherent are they current? There’s a clear difference between plagiarism and source references if an idea or argument is not your own you reference the source your list of references is important for two reasons to make the source accessible to the reader to increase the credibility of your arguments choose a well-established reference system and use it consistently time to get started the outcome of your choices will make up your custom essay so apply yourself to each and every step of the process be patient be critical and be consistent remember to ask for advice from your supervisors throughout the process do your best and start writing!