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Site Rules

(NOTE: In keeping with the guidelines quoted herein, the guidelines below were mostly taken from our friends over at Michigan Liberal!)
Copyright/Fair Use

Please keep in mind copyright and fair use laws when posting an article written by somebody else. We don't want to get sued! What is fair use? It's generally OK to summarize, including copying portions of the text verbatim. But don't copy an entire article here unless you have permission from the author(s). Also always link to the original article whenever possible. Read the EFF Bloggers' FAQ for more.

If you cite text from another site, make certain to INDENT the quoted text via the formatting menu buttons above (about halfway across the top row) to make it clear that it's not your original writing.

Behave Yourself

Personal attacks and insults, pure stupidity, unsubstantiated rumor presented as fact and utter mediocrity are not allowed. If you make a controversial statement of fact, be prepared to back it up with proof. Do not plagiarize: if you are repeating information from another source, always include links to the original document. More information on how to handle copywrited material is available from the Posting Guidelines over at

Please, no one-line diaries

If you're linking to another article or site, at least explain why it's important, why people should follow the link. But one-liners are more suited to an open thread than a whole new diary.

Anonymous Bloggers

Our preference is for people who participate on D4MD to use their real names. A comment or a diary post with a real person's name next to it carries far more weight than one without. We do realize though that there may those who need to hide their names to guard against employer retaliation, political embarrassment, etc. As a general guideline, stand by your posts publicly. By doing so, you give yourself (and your post) much more credibility.

Caveat Emptor, baby!

Other than deleting diaries that are spam, disruptive, pure hate, completely off-topic or excessively pornographic - we make no attempt to edit user diaries for content.

Keep your wits about you while you're reading the user diaries. Actually, you would be well-advised to keep your wits about you and continually question ANY media source, no matter how "reputable."

Non-Democrat participation
Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and Milliken Republicans are also welcome on As for neocons and theocons, you can hang out here too - but trolls will be removed as needed.