How to write a thesis statement for an analytical essay Part 1

I’m going to talk to you about thesis statement which is something that you’ve learned in the past and you’ve probably been taught every year but some of you told me that you would like to have a little refresher so I put together this Prezi which is going to show you when I think about thesis statements there’s there’s really six concepts or six facts about a thesis statement that I want you to understand and then I’m going to show you three examples of thesis statements.

One that I would consider to be a partially proficient thesis statement one that’s proficient and one that’s advanced.┬áLet’s start out with what it is this is something you probably already know but hopefully it’s a review first of all a thesis statement is a statement it is not a question you cannot end your introduction with a question you have to tell us the main idea or the focus of your piece of writing in this case it’s an essay so it’s a statement of the main idea it states that main idea as a fact and this is something that I have had.

Students struggle with in the past yes it is your analysis your opinion your interpretation of our essential question but you’re going to prove it with evidence so you state it as if it was a fact yes maybe somebody would disagree with you but you are going to state your thesis as a fact another way to think of it is that it is a claim that you’ll spend the rest of your essay supporting with the specific examples from the text whether it’s quotes or paraphrasing an event that happened you will back up your claim with evidence the next thing I want you to know and understand about a thesis statement is that it should not be an obvious statement and if you write something like these, three bullet points here I will smack your face off this is the kind of thesis statement that I might expect to see from a third grader, a fourth grader.

We no longer will you say something that’s this obvious in this essay I will be writing about or this essay will prove or the topic of this essay is know if your ideas are strong and your organization is clear you should not have to tell me what you’re about to say just say it don’t tell me what the writing.