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We have a responsibility to promote fiscal responsibility and to hold Republicans accountable!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sun, 05/15/2011 - 18:27

The Republicans are at it again! Trying to take the moral highground on tax dollar spending. All this despite the fact that balancing the budget has never happened under their last four Republican Presidents.

As most of us paying attention recall, the Republican's couldn't spend money fast enough under President Bush - blowing it on things like the Bridget to Nowhere in Alaska, and to big Pharma companies with the Medicare D Prescripton plan. Also they gave it away to in close door sessions with big energy and came out with the Big Oil subsides that they, to this day, won't let go of, despite record profits in the Oil and Natural Gas Sectors. Of course we all remember billions and trillions wasted on that War in Iraq, when the budget for the war wasn't even allowed to be in the budget at all. It was "outside the budget" at all times. Lastly, there was no moral highground taken for privatizing the war efforts with overpriced companies like Halliburton and Blackwater Securities - companies once headed up by the richest of republicans including Dick Chaney and Kevin Prince respectively. I'm sure no one remembers at all how much tamiflu our taxpayer dollars purchased in order to stockpile for that deadly H1N1 virus and others. I'm sure it's all expired now but Donald Rumsfeld had plenty of stock in that pharmaceutical company to profit from the purchase.

And so, here we go again blaming Social security and Medicare for the debt. And guess who's taking the moral highground again? The Immoral Republicans.

Speak up People! Don't let them attack our programs that protect American Citizens! Balance the budget by cutting out big fat pig companies that are beholden to Republican stockholders. Wake up and speak people! Take action now! Don't let one more budget debate go by without keeping them honest!

Write the newspapers, post blogs, call Rush Limbaugh and set them all straight.

Steering Jim