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The Republican Values: Welfare for the Wealthy

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 20:19

For all the mouthpieces in the Republican party who denounce welfare, "government handouts", "entitlement programs", and socialism which help to keep the poor, working poor, elderly, and disabled alive, they have no problems with raiding taxpayers of billions of dollars as soon as they are in office with corporate welfare programs. Everything from the farm subsidy programs to tax breaks for the wealthy, caps on social security taxes, subsidies for Big Oil, Wall Street Bailouts, Banking bailouts, and on and on and on... the cycle just keeps happening as long as Americans keep voting Republican. Wake up America is not even strong enough a statement these days!

Stop the Republican Raid on Democracy! Protect your tax dollars and your country! Vote Democratic every single time!

Steering Jim