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Ask Senators Levin and Stabenow to encourage a Senate Judiciary Committee investigation Justice Clarence Thomas

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 21:46

I would like to encourage all readers of our site to write your Senators and encourage an investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee into the actions of Clarence Thomas. Please see the letter that I have sent below. Adapt the message to your own needs.

Dear Senator Levin,

I know that you must be aware of all the impropriety that has been uncovered about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. He is a national disaster. He has debased the Supreme Court with his utter disregard for common standards of ethics and integrity.

While I don't think you serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee I thought you might encourage Senator Patrick Leahy for me to conduct a full investigation into Clarence Thomas' misconduct.

In case you have not had time to follow the news, Thomas attended a retreat for rich conservatives organized by the Koch brothers, then supported a Supreme Court decision that benefitted the Kochs. For five years he failed to report, as required, the $687,000 his wife was paid by the conservative Heritage Foundation. A Georgia museum that's a pet project of Clarence Thomas took a multimillion dollar gift from the conservative funder Harlan Crow. The list goes on...

Clarence Thomas gets away with this sort of behavior becuase the Supreme Court has exempted itself from the code of conduct that governs federal judges. The ONLY body that can hold Justice Thomas accountable for his indiscretions is Congress, that is the Senate Judiciary Committee. I urge you to urge Senator Leahy to take action. Here is a clear opportunity for Congress and in particular, the Democrats of Congress, to start things back in the right direction. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for what our founding fathers designed to happen. Stand up and insist that the Senate Judiciary Committee act. We all know that the Bush appointees to the courts are beholden to Corporate special interests. I think it's time to start exposing the unethical behavior and protect this country in the way the Founding Fathers wanted it.

Please let me know how you can help get this investigation started.