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Sign the Petition Asking Bank of America to Stop the Debit Card Useage Tax

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 22:15

Dear Reader,

Bank of America just can't help itself. The nation's largest bank just announced that it will force customers to start paying a new fee of $5 every month -- just to use a debit card.

This is the same bank that nearly tanked our economy with their reckless behavior, took $45 billion in taxpayer money, has kicked tens of thousands of families out of their homes, and has been repeatedly criticized for gouging consumers.

It's just one fee too many for Bank of America customer and member Molly Katchpole. "I can barely afford to make ends meet," said Molly, who works two part-time jobs in Washington, DC. "Now I'm expected to hand over money to Bank of America each month just for using my own debit card?"

Molly started a petition on demanding that Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan cancel the bank's new $5 monthly debit card fee. Sign her petition now to stop Bank of America's new fees.

Even if you're not a Bank of America customer, this should matter to you. This campaign will show other banks who are planning to follow suit that the public won't stand for Wall Street's newest way to take money from its customers -- and that they will take their money somewhere else.

Bank of America's announcement this week about its new $5 debit card fee was no coincidence. On Saturday, new federal laws go into effect that stopped the bank from charging other fees that were deemed unfair. So in order to keep up their record profits, Bank of America's solution was to invent a new, unregulated fee to stick on its customers.

There's still time to stop this new fee: Please sign Molly's petition on to pressure Bank of America to cancel its new fee, and stop other banks from thinking about creating their own debit card fees. Click here to add your name:

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- Jess and the team