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UPDATE: Sheila Smith Abandons County Clerk Recount

Submitted by Brainwrap on Mon, 12/01/2008 - 14:11

From the home page of Sheila Smith's official campaign website:

Nov. 28, 2008
Recount update:

I want to share with you all that we have done about considering to file for a recount. Our volunteers and staff interviewed city clerks, we met with the Democratic committee certification canvassers, talked to Oakland Co. election officials, interviewed those who phoned in election day polling problems and spoke to community clerks who had problems with the ES&S M-100 tabulators prior to election day and audited 30 precincts polling books after the vote was certified. We also consulted with statisticians, candidates who in the past were in extremely tight races, legal scholars experienced with recounts and dozens of involved politicians.

I have determined that a recount is not in the best interest of the county, local municipalities and me. Municipalities face budget challenges. Even a limited recount would be costly to all, with little prospect of changing the result. If I was within 500-600 votes, it might be worthwhile recounting, but not when the deficit is 5700. The machines from six cities that malfunctioned prior to election-day were maintenance and recalibrated. And the 35+ reported polling problems were addressed and audited to the satisfaction of the certification canvassers.. Also, we checked for overvotes, and there were few, not enough to warrant recounting. While my heart wants to recount, my mind tells me it's over.

So, thank you to all who supported my candidacy and my recount consideration. Your support was astounding. Many experts were saying there's no way I can win- you said “yes you can”. And we almost pulled it off; by participating in hundreds of events, including parades, candidate forums, “meet & greets”, “mix and mingles”, church services, Dem clubs meetings, Chamber events, Association meetings, PAC interviews, questionnaires, lit drops, precinct canvasses, neighborhood walks, and fundraising, etc.

Next time we'll just have to work a little harder, raise more money and recruit a few
more volunteers.

Thank you,