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DFA Monthly meetup _ Feb 6, 2007 7 pm Birmingham Unitarian Church _ Guest Gary Peters

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Wed, 02/06/2008 - 18:44

Hello all,

Sorry for the late posting. Meetup is scheduled tonight at 7 pm and we have some new info from DFA national about the direction we are going to be working on this year.

The three main topics will be election protection, helathcare for all and getting our local candidates elected.

Attending training camps will be encouraged.

Gary Peters was planning to attend the meeting tonight so I hope all of you can attend. I know the weather is crummy so if the attendance is poor I'm sure we'll catch up with Gary somewhere soon!

We need folks to go vote in the competition and help keep our MI 9th candidates on top of the National Stage!

Hope to see you tonight and hope more of you will start getting active now that it's an election year!

Steering Committee Jim