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Help a terrific activist in Vermont!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sun, 08/17/2008 - 11:48

In the progressive state of Vermont, they have a three party system, Republican, Democrat, and Progressive. Yes, Vermont truly is leading the world in progressive thinking! One local activist is answering the call of Howard Dean to run for office. After years of street protesting, picketting, writing letters, and phone calling her elected officials of all parties, Ellen Garneau finally decided the way to get progressive change was to run for office herself. She's now running for State Rep against the republican incumbent! There is no Democrat in the race so it's Ellen against the incumbent! Ellen has a very progressive vision on keeping jobs in America, securing affordable costs for living in the areas of food costs and heating fuels, work for green energy both in buying and producing, and providing affordable healthcare for all! Ellen is a lifelong advocate for equal rights for all. She firmly believes that the government has no business or right to know what is happening next door or in your own home. If you want to be a part of Ellen's campaign for change you can support her with up to $2000 per individual at Go now, before the election of November 2008!

This candidate was a passionate excellent presenter at the 5th Annual Democracy Fest!

Steering Committee Jim