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Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sun, 08/17/2008 - 12:26

This is the year for CHANGE! If you can't feel the energy and excitement in the air just look around! Wake up and pay attention! Haven't you noticed there aren't nearly so many of those "Support the Troops" magnets on the car in front of you. They must have all lost their magnetic stick! People need help visualizing their troops getting on a plane and leaving Iraq! No one wants to envision our troops in Iraq for 100 more years! (Even if they are there as an McCain occupying force!) Obama knows several things on this topic like 1) Troops can't be in Iraq and not get shot at, 2) The only reason we're not seeing more violence is that we are paying off the leaders in Iraq. We have made no progress at building a democracy in Iraq. 3) We can't afford 100 more years in Iraq at the current rate of millions of dollars per month! McCain is not realistic and out of touch with American voters.

Unfortunately, McCain still resonates with a lot of OLDER or Traditional voters. This is the one demographic that needs to hear from the next generation. If you are a young person, or think of yourself as younger, Barack Obama needs you. He needs you to have a conversation with someone older. The older generation is still getting their information from AM radio and people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others! Young people have the tools and resources to check the facts sent out in smear campaigns by using newer tools on the internet. Help Barack Obama by having a conversation. Just make sure they have the facts and aren't believing the lies and smear campaigns. Most importantly tell the older person you know why it matters to you and your generation why you need them to support Barack Obama. It our future. We deserve better than John McCain!

Have that conversation!

Steering Committee Jim