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Who to Vote for 2008

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Mon, 11/03/2008 - 23:38

Hello all!

Just a few thoughts on this day before the election 2008.

We could sure use a few more organizers in Wayne and Macomb spearheading our efforts to identify the good progressive candidates in those counties.

As for Oakland I have the following suggestions.

Barack Obama, Carl Levin, Sandy Levin, Bob Alexander, Gary Peters (Endorsed Locally and by National DFA!), and the 11th District Dem guy!

Also all your Dems for State House Races.

For County levels - Brenda Lawrence for county executive, Andy Meisner for treasurer (a former DFA endorsed candidate and a current special DFA guy!)
Also for Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.
For Oakland Clerk - Sheila Smith! Our DFA Endorsed Candidate! She's awesome!

For MI Supreme Court - Diane Hathaway. See to learn a lot more!

For Oakland Co Circuit Judge - Mary Ellen Brennan. Just vote for the one! Gorzyca and Anderson are right wing radicals.

For Oakland Probate Judge - Mark Frankel

For Oakland Community College - Shirley Bryant and Carlyle Stewart.
For Oakland Community College Partial Term - Thomas Sullivan

Proposal 1 and 2 - Yes
Oakland Co Proposal - No

Hope this helps someone!

Steering Jim