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Support Bruce Fealk for a Netroots Nation Scholarship from Democracy for America.

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Mon, 04/27/2009 - 22:28


Bruce Fealk has been campaigning hard to earn the scholarship to Netroots Nation, offered by Democracy for America. Netroots Nation is a convention of progressive activists and bloggers from around the country. Currently I’m in second place with 61 votes. We want to get Bruce into first place and stay there till the 5/11 cutoff. The first place position is guaranteed the scholarship. Also, if you could forward this e-mail on to some of your progressive friends with a personal note, we'd appreciate that too.

So, if you haven’t voted for him yet, we here at D4MD would appreciate your taking a few minutes to do so.

Go to

In the right-hand column just below where it says Grassroots Supporters there’s a link that says Add Your Support. Click on the link.

On the next page, log in if you are already registered with DFA. If you are not registered, take a minute to register and confirm your registration in the e-mail they send you.

You’ll be taken to the page to vote. There is a comment field which is optional to fill out. Click on the Voice Your Support button.

You’re done.

Thank you very much for your support!

Grassroots organizers activate!

Steering Jim