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Health Care Actions and Events! Make Congress Represent the Citizens!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 20:56

Health Care Actions & Events - Make Congress Represent US!

Gov. Howard Dean, founder of DFA, has announced his initiative to show Congress that the American people will not accept Health Care Reform that has no public option.

Take Action: Sign Howard Dean's petition and find out more about his approach:

Containing health costs, Insurance Co. Accountability:

On Monday, May 11, 2009 the for-profit health industry promised President Obama to cut costs by 1.5%. But there is no accountability in a promise. One way to pressure the for-profit insurance industry is to make sure that any health care reform plan adopted at least include a public option - as Gov. Dean clearly demands in his petition at ; Furthermore, many in the single-payer movement have argued that the only way to seriously reduce health care costs is to move from for-profit health insurance to a single-payer system like Medicare."

DFA members have expressed their support for Howard Dean's health care initiative, which advocates nothing less than a viable public option, such as opening up Medicare to everyone who wants to join and regulating the insurance companies (no discrimination for pre-existing conditions, etc.) Also, we realize some members do feel that a true single-payer is the solution we need, and want to advocate for it - either in addition to, or instead of Howard Dean's plan. In 2007, Rep. John Conyers introduced a single-player plan, H.R. 676, which currently has 75 co-sponsors. 218 votes would be needed in the house to pass H.R. 676 or another health care bill.

In Congress:

Despite the insurance companies, Congress is moving on health care reform - we just have to try to get it to move the right way. In the House, one of the Committees that will address health care is the powerful Ways & Means Committee, chaired by Rep. Charles Rangel, of NYC. In the Senate, the Finance Committee has power over health care, and NY Sen. Charles Schumer has a seat on it. These are two pressure points for us.

The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to hold Roundtable Discussions on May 14th with (as usual,) too many business and insurance industry witnesses and not enough witnesses for health care consumers. We recently asked you to call Sen. Schumer (since he's on the committee) to ask him to include an actual Single Payer advocate in Committee testimony. The Committee was unresponsive this time, but we still have a chance to affect the make-up of the May 14th Discussion.

Take Action: Call Sen. Schumer at (202) 224-6542 and ask him to invite David Himmelstein from Physicians for a National Health Program, an expert witness on Single Payer Healthcare, to the May 14th Discussion.

For more on PNHP, go to: (National) OR - NY Metro Chapter
Public Citizen also has a webpage to help take this action at:

Health Care Events:

Many people are hosting Healthcare Education events. Will you do that same? Sign up at Single Payer will strengthen the hand of those who are negotiating for at least a public option in any health care reform adopted, instead of simply reforming the existing private health insurance industry.