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Michelle McManus Opposes No Reason Absentee Voting!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 21:44

Republican Candidate for SOS in 2010 Michelle McManus is opposed to No Reason Absentee Voting. As working men and women of Michigan, DFA believes that every voter has right to vote and have their vote counted accurately. Ms McManus says on her website (date 05142009):

McManus on the Issues: No-Reason Absentee Voting
We have another great reader question this week, especially in light of the House action to approve a no-reason AV program for Michigan elections.
Where do you stand on no-reason absentee voting?
I am opposed to no-reason absentee voting. I believe it is a solution in search of a problem. Michigan voters proved they have no problem getting to the polls in November, when 68 percent of eligible voters cast ballots. In fact, our voter turnout was sixth in the nation, besting states with no-reason absentee voting and other so-called "convenience voting" measures. In my mind, these statistics don't add up to a need for no-reason AV. Also, ideas like no-reason absentee voting open the door for fraud and other voter irregularities that could compromise the integrity of Michigan's elections. For me, it's not worth the risk to the integrity of our ballot. We witnessed ACORN pushing bogus voter registrations all over the country in the last election. It's not a leap of faith to believe that their phony voter registration tactic is just a precursor to absentee voting shenanigans.

Our response is the following:
Many Michigan voters in 2008 showed their desire to voter early and not have to wait/risk a complication on election day. There is no reason that people working multiple jobs or working a job plus trying to care for their kids should have to make time to wait in line and vote at a poll. It is a very service unfriendly system that makes people stand in long lines (some years in bad weather) for presidential year elections to wait to vote for hours. We are a customer friendly society. It's time we have elections that are customer friendly. Michelle McManus is obviously not in touch with today's society. Wonder what she would do to our license branches!

The greatest risk to ballot integrity is not having a transparent counting mechanism that includes handcount audits. One great author wrote, that democracies pick the best leaders when the greatest number of people vote. Collectively the group picks better representation when more people contribute to the selection process and decision-making. No reason absentee voting would only enhance the number of people who are able to participate in the selection process.

Fraud already exists with AV ballots including things like happening to not count them, or ballots getting damaged by automated envelope opening machines and having toe be recopied without appropriate supervision, and so on. A simple barcoding solution similar to what the postal service and delivery companies like Fed Ex and UPS use would allow voters to track online that their ballot was received and counted.

Ms McManus' argument has nothing to do with Acorn and voter registrations. Ms McManus is simply playing a shell game with voters in hopes that they take their eye off the target which is transparent elections where all voters easily and conveniently vote when they are ready from home or at the polls!