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Stop Democratic Senators Who are Selling Us Out on the Public Healthcare Option!

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sat, 07/18/2009 - 15:47

Join DFA and sign up to have your name added to the ad that will publicly air in the districts of Democrats who are going to sell out our efforts to get a public option added to the healthcare reform effort.

You can sign your name here:

Join the growing list!

You can also donate to help the effort at

It's time to hold Democrats accountable for moving our agenda forward. Most of those who are opposing a public option have taken large amounts of money from the Insurance and Health Industry. DFA recently sent out an email asking you to vote on who's district should get the ad.

They included senators from MT, MA, CA, IN, LA, NE, CT, and more. If you didn't get the email you should sign up at!

Become educated and active in healthcare reform!

Steering Jim