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We need you to take action- Locally and in Lansing. Make Posters for your car.

Submitted by Steering.Jim on Sun, 05/15/2011 - 14:52

When Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons recorded "Silence Is Golden",
I don't think they were referring to groups like ours. Are there any
real progressives out their who are at all interested in action or is
this group only committed to the silent philosophical aspects of

We need to be planning and carrying out political action in our local
communities and not just going to Lansing and Detroit when the call
goes out.

Here's a great idea of activism.

Make several signs on poster board and carry them in the trunk of your car. When there's a parade or festival or even a traffic jam on your local street pull out your signs and let 'em know how you feel! Need a message? Take inspiration from one local activist who's sign read: Send Governor Snyderengler To China Bring Our Jobs back Home". She received an overall very positive response.

By the way, I hear recall petitions for Snyder will be ready as early as July 1, 2011. Sign up online if you are interested.

Steering Committee Jim