Who We Are

Democracy for Metro Detroit is a progressive grassroots political action organization that seeks to elect socially and fiscally responsible candidates to state and local office in Michigan. We are affiliated with Democracy for America, the political action committee led by former Vermont Governor Howard Dean.

Core Principles – Where We want to Go:

We are committed to…

  • Promoting AN AMERICA WHERE CANDIDATES AND OFFICE HOLDERS TELL THE TRUTH about policy choices and stand up for what they believe.
  • FIGHTING FOR PROGRESSIVE POLICIES, like health care for all; investment in children; equal rights under the law; fiscal responsibility; environmental protection; and a national security policy that makes America stronger by advancing progressive values.

Our Goal – How We’re Getting There:

We are…

  • Recruiting and encouraging progressive candidates to run for office at every level. We will help them find the resources to campaign successfully with small donations from grassroots supporters, to begin to break the stranglehold special interests have on the political process.
  • Raising funds for Congressional candidates for whom financial support could be the key to winning, and whose election will be key to winning back a House of Representatives that has become the tool of the right wing.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with other progressive organizations to maximize resources for candidate recruitment, training, and organization.
  • Building relationships with other political initiatives to focus on changing the failed, destructive policies of the Administration.